Sales Force Convention Performance

Sales Force Convention- Live Drumline Performance

Known mostly for being the World’s #1 CRM (Customer Relations Manager) company, Sales Force is building a reputation for taking their conventions to another level.  Near the end of October 2016 there was a late desire by the company event planners to add a performing drumline to one of their conventions in Los Angeles.  From our initial contact and conversations on the event, we were able to put together a full drumline to perform later that week on a Thursday morning.  

We enjoy being able to operate quickly for the needs of whoever wants us to perform for them.  Our members drove out that morning, walked through the staging and without even getting time for a sound check were able to pull off a great performance to kick off their event.  

The unique floor plan design allowed for a 360 degree performance stage.  It was a fun experience turning all the way around and seeing camera phones recording and smiles from all the attendees.  The staff and members of the company were incredibly gracious and grateful.  They surprised our performers by providing an amazing catered before our performance lunch.  Good food makes happy drummers!

Nick Arocho