Crossroads Church – Rhythm of Christmas 2016

Sidle Entertainment performing at Crossroads Church Christmas show.

Our group had the pleasure of selecting a cast of 8 professional drummers to perform in the annual Crossroads Church Christmas Show.

The church is located in Corona, CA, and averaged 2500 guests per performance. Design brainstorming began in August, 2016 between Sidle Entertainment directors and the wonderful staff from Crossroads Church.

All original choreography, music, and stage set up was developed for this event. Two types of marching snare drums were used and large bass drums were strategically placed around the stage. A custom drum rack was built for the percussion feature that the crowd was very enthusiastic for. One of the coolest moments in the production was when the 400 pound drum rack flew down from the ceiling during the percussion feature.

We were very grateful for the opportunity to serve with our talents at this production. Not to mention the version of Carol of the Bells played was one to remember!

Nick Arocho