Rock Church – Fall 2016 Women’s Convention

Rock Church Drumline Performance- Drumline for hire

The opening act for more than 500 women spectators can be a daunting task.

Our drumline ran on stage on Saturday morning to get the crowd ready for a fully day of singing and learning. A smaller cast of 6 players was selected to accommodate the smaller stage. Our team drummed for 2 minutes before being accompanied by a local dance group.

The challenge for this production was smoothly transitioning between the opening drum routine into the dance routine. Minor technical issues were encountered, but both ensembles showed world class professionalism through it and finished with a strong performance.

The highlight of the event had to be seeing over 500 women’s faces light up at the sound and visuals of our drumline. We also loved drumming with the dance group, a beautiful blend of artistry we hope to have many more opportunities to perform with.

Nick Arocho