What can we do for your Corporate Event?

Desi Valentine with Sidle Entertainment- Upfront Summit 2017 in Los Angeles, CA

Desi Valentine with Sidle Entertainment- Upfront Summit 2017 in Los Angeles, CA


If you search for corporate events in the Southwest region of the United States it is basically impossible to find a week without one. Between major cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco to name a few many companies are looking to make their event memorable. Live entertainment has always been a popular way to re-energize a crowd and a Live performance by a drumline can be the spark you are looking for.

Our Drumline fits all venues

We pride ourselves for seeking the best talent there is to perform with our organization. But even more important than that, we want to give your event exactly what you want! From small events, where the desire is just to have a few drummers perform for your guests, to major events with thousands of attendees, where you want a full-size drumline to blow the audience away with power and energy.  

We customize for your show

Some of our events involve the desire to just give us a stage and time and let us perform for a determined amount of time.  Other times the desire is to have us involved with joint performances with other artist, dancers, live music or recorded tracks. In those events, we will happily arrange custom music, choreography and anything else you need to make your event memorable.

If you have never utilized a live drumline in an event before but want to try and do something unique, we will happily be involved in trying to brainstorm and suggest different ideas using our over ten years of experience. When you hire Sidle Entertainment we become Your Drumline!