Upfront Summit - Production Preparation

Upfront Summit- Hire a marching band for a corporate event

In the planning leading up to the Upfront Summit’s event, we had the joy and privilege of showcasing many of the benefits we provide to our clients. Upon first communication one of our lead planners, Matthew Regua, was able to provide direct and quick feedback to settle most of the logistics as far as dates, size of event, number of performances, etc.. In any event, communication is critical with so many moving pieces needing to come together to make a successful event.  

The first plan was to just have us perform in the morning as a way to bring some energy and wake the attendants up to be ready to experience this great convention. As the planning continued we were asked to be a part of two other events.  Performing as a track for the dance team, Culture Shock, and performing along with a track and live singer, Desi Valentine.  

We got to work with our designers and arrangers to provide a brand new cadence for the dance team to create a unique performance around. In no time we were able to send an MP3 of what we would be performing to the dance team so they could get to work planning their routine. The next step was adding drumline music to Desi Valentine’s catchy tune, “I’m Comin’ Up.” We arranged what we would play to provide some extra flashiness with tricks, some extra groove with added drums, and some extra energy with the performance of our great cast.  We do our best to make the client feel comfortable so we sent an MP3 with our music layered with an MP3 of the song so they would know exactly what to expect.  

The end result of rigorous planning is typically a smooth event. We brought our cast in a night before the event to do some sound checks, walk through the performances and staging, and allow the producers to make any changes they saw fit. As expected the day of the event went off without a hitch. It was a great experience for our performers and team to get to participate in this great event and we hope we provided a great experience to all those who could witness it.